business story

w 2001: Intense market competition, in response to market demand, we have carried out own brand-tci, and the profits feedback to our customer.

w 2002: Research and Development of high-quality and special specification products. For exampleHigh and low frequency of special productscustomized products.

w 2004: Design and production HC49Tuning Fork to meet customer demand. We still uphold the SMD production technology and requirements to produce HC49 series and other related products.

w 2006: ISO 90001-2000 Certification.

w 2007.Dec: The second phase of the plant expansion Cleanroom.

w 2008.Sep: The introduction of high-power LED packaging and testing manufacturing equipment.

w 2009.Feb: Hi power LED package products Zhengshiliangchan.

w 2009.Mar: LED package is eligible for ISO 9001-2000 certification.


w 2009.Apr: Executive Ministry of Economic Affairs Annual academia joint research and development program (JAID).

w 2009.Mar: Won the 12th Golden Peak Award Outstanding Product Innovations Award.

w 2010.Dec: Grow lighting related product development, but also access to foreign enterprises to adopt.

w 2011.Mar: IR LED / IR Laser LED / Single color LED products RD and production.

w 2012. May: LED optical Lens design and development.

w 2012.Dec: UV LED packaging material R&D and production.

w 2013.Jul: Cooperative development 3D laser anti-counterfeit labels In response to customer requirements.

w 2014.Jan: Short wavelength UV LED SMD packaging materials research.

w 2015.Jun: White LED High CRI materials research and production.