Emitter Series

1 High Power 3535 Sing color TCILED3535... 下載[TCI LED 3535 Single color_v1.pdf]
2 High Power 3535 IR TCILED3535... 下載[TCI LED 3535 IR.pdf]
3 High Power 3535 UV TCILED3535... 下載[TCI LED 3535 UV_V2.pdf]
4 Emitter White TCILEDTHEM... 下載[TCI LED THEM-CLW(White)-V30.pdf]
5 Emitter Single Color TCILEDTHEM... 下載[TCI LED THEM-CLX(Single color)-V28.pdf]
6 Emitter IR TCILEDTHEM... 下載[TCI LED THEM-CLI(IR)_V11.pdf]
7 Emitter UV TCILEDTHEM... 下載[TCI LED THEM-DLU(UV All)-V2.pdf]
8 Emitter UV 365 TCILEDTHEM... 下載[TCI LED THEM-DLU(UV365 3W).pdf]
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